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Aluminium – Exclusive Licensees of Mechatherm International Limited, UK

A. Casthouse Equipment

With the technological support from  Mechatherm, AIFL supplies Holding & Melting Furnaces Degassing units,  DC casting machines,  Launder & filtration systems and other ancillary equipment to complete the value chain in Aluminium Casthouse. AIFL / Mechatherm provide together special furnaces for secondary melting. These furnaces are specially designed to melt various clean and contaminated dross material & scrapes. This kind of furnaces are Dry-Hearth De-ironing Multi-chamber as well as  Side well Furnaces as well as Tilting / Fixed axis Rotary Melting furnaces.

1. Melting / Holding / Casting Furnaces
Furnaces are manufactured as per the customer requirements with rugged construction & proven design ensure high performance under hard operating conditions.

Salient features:

  • Capacity starting from 5T to 130T is supported by proven Mechatherm Design support
  • The casing construction is sturdy, which withstand mechanical as well as thermal stresses
  • Unique door lifting system is available in both Hydraulic / Electro-mechanical types
  • The door clamping is pneumatic to assure positive sealing in order to reduce heat leakage to minimum
  • Fume extraction hood is located above the door to assure environmentally clean plant operating conditions
  • There is proven refractory lining in order to suit particular metal conditions like monolithic, brick or pre-cast blocks
  • The heating system is based on customers' selection of energy supply like Fuel Oil (HFO, LDO & LSHS), Gas or through special construction radiant tube electrical heaters
  • Automatic Mass-flow depends on Fuel / Air Ratio control or Thyristor controlled Electrical heating system for operations, which are energy efficient
  • The automatic furnace control the pressure with damper for better heat transfer and low heat leakage losses
  • The molten metal receives  well with hot metal crucible tilting mechanism
  • Manual or Automatic control for both molten metal transfer to caster
  • Specific PC/PLC based SCADA control system with HMI interface
  • Furnaces can be both Static or Hydraulically Tilted type.

2. Charging Machines

The demand for highly effective charging system increases day by day to maximize production and minimize heat leakage. The charging machines can be easily used for sows, solid ingots, sows, baled or loose scraps. Range of these products  covers lifting or rotating and fixed or travelling in order to suit various furnaces and customer requirements.    

Salient attributes:

  • The batch capacity ranges from 5T to 20T.
  • Furnaces are custom designed regarding plant layout and type of charge material
  • Highly effective charging of large quantities of scrap / ingot
  • Uniform distribution over furnace bath for better heat transfer and melting
  • Reduced damage and wear to furnace door
  • The construction is robust for mechanical and thermal loads while charging
  • Safe and hazard-free operation

B. Secondary Smelters – Aluminium Recycling

1. Dry Hearth De-Ironing Multi-Chamber & Sidewell Furnaces

This range of furnaces us specially designed to suit all kind of scrapes like oiled, swarf, chips, painted, cans and engines & automotive parts. These furnaces ensure low fuel consumption with environment friendly operation. 

Salient features:

  • The latest Combustion system with air/oxygen operating on gas, oil (HFO, LDO & LSHS)
  • Proven metal  pumping, stirring and circulation system
  • Heavy duty casing construction for successful operation
  • Positive Door sealing
  • Unique fume extraction to assure a pollution free environment within plant
  • PC/PLC based SCADA control system with HMI interface

2. Tilting Rotary Melting Furnace (TRMF)

The versatile design of the furnaces is used for processing scrap and dross (with or without salt).

Salient attributes:

  • The capacity ranges from 3T to 24T
  • Available with all type of fuel and their combinations
  • Hydraulic furnace tilting mechanism
  • Automatic or Manual metal pouring system
  • Air / oxygen or pure oxygen combustion system
  • Custom built units for clients specific applications and production sizes
  • PC/PLC based SCADA control system with HMI interface

C. Aluminium Heat Treatment Facilities

Aluminium heat treatment Furnaces, provided by  Mechatherm and AIFL is latest in terms of design and technology. This range of furnaces includes Billet Homogenizing,  Coil / Foil Annealing, Solution heat treatment and and Die preheating furnaces.   

1. Coil & Foil Annealing

Salient features:

  • Custom designed in terms of size, batch capacity and specific time-temperature cycles
  • With or without Nitrogen atmosphere. Unique atmosphere control system specific to initial purging and heat treatment operation
  • Temperature uniformity to the tune of +/- 3°C at the end of soak
  • Improved re-circulation of furnace atmosphere for rapid heating
  • Plug type fans for easy maintenance
  • Pneumatic door clamping with double seal to prevent leakage
  • Electric or Radiant tube gas fired
  • PC/PLC based SCADA control system with HMI interface

2. Billet Homogenizing Furnaces

Salient features:

  • VFD control of speed and full reversing of recirculation fan for better temperature uniformity
  • High temperature uniformity to the extent of +/- 3°C at the end of soak
  • Dedicated charging machine for batch loading of series of furnaces
  • Electric or Radiant tube gas fired
  • PC/PLC based SCADA control system with HMI interface

3. Slab Reheating Furnaces

Salient features:

  • Higher temperature uniformity to the tune of +/- 3°C at the end of soak
  • Higher re-circulation of furnaces atmosphere for rapid heating
  • Plug type fans for the ease of maintenance
  • VFD control of speed and full reversing of circulation fans for better temperature uniformity
  • SCADA control system with HMI interface

Heat Treatment Furnaces – Exclusive Licensees of CODERE SA, Switzerland

  • Batch type furnace line – SYSTEM 250 (patented)
  • Work under controlled atmosphere and available in modular construction
  • This is a concept for the future and its advantages are:  
  • Half or fully automated operation (automates + monitoring system)
  • Change of heat-treatment atmospheres within minutes
  • Several temperature ranges (1150°C – 1000°C – 850°C – 650°C)
  • Cylindrical tight heat-treatment chamber (very long working life)
  • Uniform, intense forced circulation of the furnace atmosphere
  • No mechanical locking of charge, no intermediate charge support
  • All modules with double jacket, evacuation of exhaust gas at only one point
  • Visualization of the running program, the running and registered cycles and of the alarms
  • The installation is operated by only one person, reproducibility of the heat treatments
  • Great flexibility when changing temperatures, forced gas circulation through the charge
  • Space-saving dimensions, reduced height, no special foundation necessary
  • Modular system. Numerous installation combinations according to requirements
  • High uniformity of temperature (± 3°C) and carbon potential (± 0.05°C)
  • More operation safety, round or square charges
  • Simple handling, preparation ramp and transfer table
  • Less distortion, less allowance for machining, homogeneous hardness
  • Computerized monitoring
  • In case of breakdown of a module, the other modules are fully operational
  • Modular line with expansion possibilities - Production increase by adding a new module